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Waqf for Build of Orphanages

❝If a person dies then it is cut off all his deeds except for three things: ongoing charity (Waqf), useful knowledge that they taught, and a righteous child that prays for him.❞ [Sahih Muslim]


Learning quran at the yard is exciting

Iftar sunnah every monday and thursday at the yard was fun, but when it rained we had to disperse.

It’s really convenient if our orphanage has been built. Therefore, we knocked on the door of the hearts of benefactors to participate in completing the construction of orphaned dormitories.


There are many orphans & poor people out there who want to live in our foundation, because there is a POWERFUL HOPE from them to be accepted, they want to feel JOY and HAPPINESS with their brothers who have REALLY  AMAZING EDUCATION and COACHING at YBMI
In a SIMPLE PLACES but rich in idealism and global insight, a natural education institute that builds AWARENESS, an education full of sense of family, an environment that is still in a stage of improvement but makes a lot of people bound and doesn’t want to go home quickly
Friends, those who have registered and are in dire need of Education and Coaching, we cannot refuse. This is our Charity Project that will guarantee our SAFETY of the Hereafter.


The absolute best way to help the orphans and needy is by clicking the Donate button now to make a recurring monthly donation and become a sponsor of the  Bunyanun Marsus Indonesia Foundation (YBMI) that allows us to rely on these regular donations to build and expand our Waqf most efficiently. If you’re not able to do this than even a one-time donation right now will become part of this ongoing charity.

Every dollar donated becomes monthly recurring income that will increase exponentially over time. Remember that these orphans have lost their family and now rely on you to care for them. If we don’t help them then who will? So what are you waiting for… donate today!


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